Message from the Chair

The Society’s long-serving Chair, Mary Thompson, has indicated that she intends to stand down soon.  She has recently written to all members of the Society as follows:

"The Committee of the Sutton Courtenay Local History Society has not yet come to a decision about when it will be appropriate to hold meetings again.

"The impact of the pandemic is still being felt and life has been difficult for many people. I had hoped the situation would be clearer by the autumn, but there is still uncertainty about the future. 

"I will be standing down as Chair in due course, having held the position since the formation of the Society. It has been a rewarding time to research and learn much about the village’s fascinating and important history.  I will maintain an interest in it, but feel unable to continue as Chair of the Society.

"We are very grateful for your support and I welcome your views about the Society’s current position and the way ahead. Also please get in touch if you are interested in joining the Committee or in the role of Chair.”

Comments, suggestions and offers of assistance may be sent direct to Mary Thompson or through this website.

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