Meeting & Talk by John Leighfield - “Maps of Oxfordshire: A History”

Meeting & Talks by Mary Thompson - "Providing for the Needy: Six Poor Widows of Sutton Courtenay” - and Anne Grimm - Sutton Courtenay Charities”

Meeting & Talk by Mark Davies - “The Abingdon Water Turnpike Murder”

Guided Tour of the Bodleian Library

Meeting & Talk by Manfred Brod - “Dissent in the Thames Valley”

Meeting & Talk by Bob Eeles - “Prehistoric and Archaeological Discoveries of Sutton Courtenay Gravel Extraction”

Meeting & Talk by Alan Simpson - “Family History: The Lure of the Graveyard”

Excursion to Woodstock County Museum

Meeting & Talk by Rev J Midwinter  - “Midwinter in May: Researching Family History

Meeting & Talk by Michael St John Parker - “1804: A Turning Point for Sutton Courtenay"

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