Meeting & Talk 28th March 2017


 Talk by Laurence Waters

"The History of Local Railways and the impact on the area”

The building of a railway system throughout the country had a major influence on its development.  In his talk, Laurence Waters described the history of the Great Western Railway and how it affected life in this area in particular.

Venue : SC Village Hall

Date/Time : Tuesday 28th March 2017 #  7.30 pm

                    [ # Rescheduled from 21st March ]

About the Speaker


Laurence Waters is a retired teacher and professional photographer as well as a volunteer at the Didcot Railway Centre and the author of several books on the GWR, including


 “GWR Then and Now” (1995) - a portrait of one of the great railways in Britain and its impact on the modern transport scene.

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