AGM and Talk 18th May 2016

The Society's Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 18th May 2016 at 7.30pm in All Saints' Church

The AGM was attended by some 25 members and the formal business was concluded under the direction of Chair Mary Thompson with admirable efficiency and alacrity.  

Mary Thompson's full Chair's Report can be read here.  She concluded:

"There is much of Sutton Courtenay’s history still to explore …… , especially as, with the rapid changes to the identity of the village taking place, it is important that we do not forget its important history and heritage."

The Society's accounts for 2015/16 were accepted nem con.

The Society's Committee for 2016 was elected nem con as follows:

Mary Thompson - Chair

Clare Simpson - Secretary

Sue French - Treasurer

Julie Mcdonnell - Membership Secretary

Alison Draper - Committee Member

Bill Hanks - Committee Member

John Talbot - Committee Member

Sarah Ward - Committee Member

There being no other business the AGM was closed at 8.00 pm

IMG 2072

The AGM was followed by a talk by Committee Member John Talbot about local names and their origins entitled : “What’s in a name?”

As part of an ongoing research project John Talbot presented the origins of some of the names found in and around Sutton Courtenay, including street names, names of water courses, buildings, fields etc.  He invited members’ help with his research; for example the origin of house names or perhaps the mostly forgotten names of places, or nicknames of places from when they were younger.

 About the Speaker

John Talbot, who works for the British Geological Survey, has great interest in the local history of Sutton Courtenay as several generations of his family lived in the village in Victorian times. He has lived in the village for nearly 20 years. He has always been fascinated in the origin of names and as a child collected the street names of his home city Oxford. 

Apart from the Sutton Courtenay Local History Society, John is also involved in several other local societies, e.g. he is Chairman of Reading Astronomical Society and heavily involved in the local table tennis league and cycling club.

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