Station Road

Real photo postcard - Franked Didcot 1911 - Pub: Wiggins, Post Office, Didcot (Ref: PC_Didcot0044 (1))

Station Hill, now known as Station Road, was constructed by the Great Western Railway Company in 1848 as a link from the new station, built in 1844, to the privately built and owned railway town of Northbourne which was largely complete by 1887.

In 1904 the Company decided to build houses for their workers along the western side of Station Road. The buildings were carefully designed as an architectural group in blocks of six units with three large detached houses at the north end and a single detached house at the south end. They were built of brick with slate roofs and their stepped roof-lines and contrasting bonds of brickwork reflect the sloping nature of the site. The restrained Queen Anne/Georgian architectural style is typical of the Edwardian period. The buildings were among the first in the town to be provided with gas, then a recent innovation.

The Council designated Station Road as a Conservation Area on 14 December 1982.


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